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2nd Chance Project

The 2nd Chance Project used the power of sport to reduce reoffending. By using positive community role models, we are able to build up the levels of trust and mutual respect, so that alternative lifestyles can be introduced through structured case management and programmes of education, training and mentoring.

We are proud to have delivered and helped a range of sport-based programmes in the following establishments:

– HMP&YOI Ashfield
– HMP Portland
– HMP Bristol
– Rio-Cobre Correctional Facility, Jamaica
– HMP Oakwood
– HMYOI Park
– HMP&YOI Cookham Wood
– Vinney Green STC
– Medway STC

After developing a successful portfolio of projects and evidencing our approach as best practice, we now use our expertise to drive the National Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime. As a result, we are supporting others to replicate a similar approach in prisons across the UK and beyond.

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