It’s always fantastic to hear feedback from people after they have been on a course, programme or took part in one of our many sport sessions. However this feedback was so good, we wanted to share it with you and help you to understand ‘why we do what we do’:

“Hey! Sorry it’s late just thought I’d let you know I’ve changed my mind on the electrician apprenticeship after thinking about the hours, the distance and not spending as much time with Oliver. I realised I was only going for it to keep me busy and try something new. But I’ve been offered a part time job at computershare as a customer service representative. starting on Monday! After 3 weeks of full time training it’ll be Monday – Friday 10-2 so perfect school time hours.

I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me. And without the get on track course I would’ve never had the confidence to get to know my Asda colleagues and attempt new things in my job role. With my new found confidence I realised I love my job but I deserved better hours and better money. So I went out and found what I hope is going to be my dream job! So Thankyou so much to you and the rest of the gang for helping me believe in myself 🙂 I’m so excited! X”

Many thanks for taking the time, have a great day!