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Dave McDonald

David began his career in the police force and retired at a senior strategic level. He was recognised within the Metropolitan Police for his leadership when dealing with some of London’s most serious disturbances in the 1980s and early 90’s.

During his service he held diverse roles and in the late 1980’s David was trained by the Home Office in the National selection and coaching of high potential personnel. He was also engaged as a visiting lecturer for senior police and army personnel from across the world attending the Foreign Office’s overseas command course.

On retirement from the police force in 1996 David co-founded a consultancy that specialised in leadership and team working. His experience of radical organisational change, brought about by internally and externally generated influences, provided him with considerable insight into the challenges faced by today’s executives. Working with organisations such as, Arthur Anderson, Asda, BT and British Aerospace, he took the experience gained in the police force building and managing coherent and high-performing teams into the world of business.

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