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The Park Knowle ABC

The need for a new boxing club in the South of Bristol was highlighted after discussions with the Amateur Boxing Association (now England Boxing).

Being based at the Park Centre, we were aware of an old construction training centre that wasn’t being used on Tavistock Road, which also belonged to the Park Centre.

After a quick visit, we decided to bring a community together and develop the building and in October 2012, we launched a new club, ‘The Park Knowle Amateur Boxing Club’.

To purchase equipment, we raised funds from Sport England, Sported and Access Sport. We also received support through Paddy Johns Gym, Business in the Community, Lloyds Bank, Mitie and the Park Centre who provided an army of volunteers to help clear, clean and decorate the building.

The club offered classes for both males and females, five days a week. It hosted its first amateur boxing show in April 2013 and its members were competing at a range of levels.

In 2015, we handed over the club to a local coach, Chris Winters, aka Skemer. Chris who had always dreamt of owning his own club, is taking the club from strength to strength both inside and outside of the ring.

A great example of how Chris is supporting local young people was captured by the Bristol Post in this video.


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