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Pause and Engage

We launched Pause and Engage in partnership with the Jack Hazeldine Foundation in 2015. Moving forwards, the programme is fully managed by the Foundation and we will continue to provide strategic support and work in partnership around the training of mentors.

Pause and Engage is a bespoke programme created to aid disaffected and disengaged youths, allowing them to be reintegrated into a stable and positive environment.

Through positive one-to-one mentoring, trained Pause & Engage mentors will work with children who struggle in mainstream education. Whether negatively affected by troubled experiences at home; a lack of role models; low self-esteem or poor sense of direction, we aim to help and resolve issues through the power or sport and activity.

The project works closely with vulnerable young people to develop their social and emotional capabilities, including resilience, confidence, positive relationships and problem solving. This creates the foundation for a healthy, secure and safer life style, and a successful transition from adolescence into adulthood.

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