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About us

2nd Chance Group is an award-winning social enterprise. We use the power of sport to achieve a wide range of positive social outcomes.

We operate across the UK, have worked in three sectors including criminal justice; sport for development; education, training and apprenticeships. We have also provided support for people and organisations across four continents.

Our Purpose: to build a successful portfolio of programmes that use the power of sport to repair broken lives and build a stronger future for young people.

Our Values: represent the way we do business and underpin our decision-making across all of our programmes:

– Quality & Performance: ‘Great people, great business’

– Ambition & Inspiration: ‘Our ambition is to inspire’

– Trust & Integrity: ‘The right thing, the right way’

– Lifelong Change: ‘We only succeed when you do’

Why we do what we do

From both our personal experience and evidence from the World Health Organisation, we know that many children grow up as victims of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as abuse, neglect or dysfunctional home environments.

The evidence also tells us that children who are subject to ACEs are more likely to underperform academically; binge drink; smoke; be involved in violence; use heroin or crack, and be incarcerated.

Research also informs us that people who experienced ACEs tend to raise their own children in an environment where ACEs are more common.


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